Esports Betting Sites – How To Bet On Esports

The Golden Age of esports betting is upon us, and the number of active players and bettors reaches new highs every year. Bookmakers were quick to adjust to this trend, and as it is going strong, they are expanding the sections dedicated to electronic sports. What it means for punters is that instead of scarcity, they now must deal with the paradox of choice and a huge selection of esports betting sites. Our aim with this guide is to help you learn the intricacies of esports, to ensure you can make the most of each bet placed.

Everything you Need to Know about Esports Betting

Our esports betting guide is a one-stop shop for casual and savvy punters who want to learn everything about video games betting. We cover all the important games and genres, with in-depth articles for first-person shooters, real-time strategy and multiplayer online battle arena games. You can read our articles and learn the subtleties of betting on Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2 and other popular eSports. We have identified the best bookmakers in terms of betting options, available markets and quality of odds.

Discover the Best Esports Betting Games

Many bookmakers now have their own fully-fledged sections for esports, covering all popular video games, based on genre. First-person shooters, real-time strategy and multiplayer online battle arena games are, and have been for quite a while, the most popular with punters. Different games have entirely different types of gameplay, which results in unique betting options and original markets. Gamers do have an advantage over regular punters, but we can help you blur those lines and get the competitive edge you need in order to stay profitable.

We pay MOBAs the attention they deserve, and will focus on two of the flagship video games that have made this genre one of the most popular esports. League of Legends and Dota 2 bear many similarities, and they are both featured at all important bookmakers. In our guide, we explain the available bets and help you better understand the meaning of these original markets that can’t be found in other esports. Last but not least, we help you navigate the stormy waters of live betting, the fastest paced of all real-time betting.

Esports Betting Sites for CSGO

Counter Strike Global Offensive is the most popular first-person shooter played at the highest level of esports. The game has changed a lot over the years, but the latest version brilliantly succeeds at capturing the very essence of the franchise. All the best betting sites for esports have a section dedicated to FPS games and CSGO is at the cornerstone of this betting area.

Tournaments are scheduled throughout the year and we can teach you how to master the art of CSGO betting. We know that before beating the odds, you need to be able to find the best ones out there and our guide helps you do that. We provide assistance in finding the bookmakers offering the best Counter Strike Global Offensive odds.

The Best Bookies for League of Legends

The most popular MOBA game in existence, with tens of millions of players and a huge community online at any time, League of Legends is an eSports favourite. Thanks to its unmatched popularity, you can rest assured that every respectable esports bookmaker will cover this game in great detail.

Punters can bet on flagship tournaments such as the World Championship, as well as regional leagues from Europe, North America, South Korea and China. We can help you learn the ins and outs of League of Legends betting and extract the maximum value from mainstream and esoteric markets. Use our comparison tools to make sure that you are always taking advantage of the highest odds possible when you bet.

Master the Art of Esports Betting

Esports betting is one of the strongest trends in the gambling industry, with pretty much all bookmakers dedicating ample coverage to video games. It bears many similarities to traditional sports betting, but has its particularities, which must be thoroughly understood if you are to beat the house edge. We help you narrow down the search for bookies offering top odds on video games and the best diversity of markets.

Read our guides to learn more about the special betting options available for each video game genre and the best ways to tackle the challenge of live betting. While there’s no substitute for hands-on experience with the games you are betting on, a little research can go a long way. Find out which are the best esports betting sites for your game of choice, in terms of betting options, available markets and odds.

Bet on the Best Paying Dota 2 Tournaments

Dota 2 proudly continues the legacy of the first truly popular multiplayer online battle arena game, the original Defense of the Ancients. The Warcraft 3 mod had set the bar high, but Valve Corporation met and exceeded expectations with its original take on this classic genre. Dota 2 players and punters alike can bet on the best teams in the world at dozens of leading bookmakers.

The International is the best paying esports tournament in the world and the ultimate arena for pro-gamers. We help you make the most of this annual event by finding the bookies offering the best odds and the most comprehensive selection of markets. Our guide sheds light on the unique live betting options and provides you with astute betting tips to better your chances of making profit.

Bet on Esports like a Pro

In the beginning, esports betting sites were visited mainly by gamers, who are searching for a way of making major tournaments even more exciting. Today, video games betting markets are mainstream and many regular punters give them a chance. Our articles are aimed at helping both casual and veteran bettors make an educated decision when betting on esports. We explain the basics and also dwell on the more elaborated concepts, to help savvy punters maximize the return on investment.

By reading our esports articles you get up to date with the latest betting news and learn the most effective strategies. All forms of online betting require a great deal of research and we provide useful information that can be used immediately to place a bet. One of the main reasons for reading our guides is to single out the best bookmakers for esports. The ones we recommend offer the best odds and provide punters with a broad selection of mainstream and esoteric markets.

Master the Main Types of Esports Bets

The betting options for eSports still represent just a fraction of the markets that bookmakers offer on conventional sports such as football. However, the surging popularity of video game tournaments has led to an increase in the number of betting options. There are three main ways to bet on eSports and in our guide, we explain how they work and how to use them more effectively.

Pre-Game Match and Series Betting

Arguably the most common way of betting on esports is on the outright winner of the series or an individual match. Regardless of the gaming genre, these bets are all placed before the game begins and are settled immediately after the winner is decided. These are the bread and butter of esports betting sites and once you make up your mind, the only challenge is to find the bookmaker offering the best odds.

Enjoy the Thrills of Live Esports Betting

The most exciting, but at the same time the most difficult types of eSports bets, are the ones you place in-game. There’s so much information to take in and interpret that many punters can feel overwhelmed. We can help you identify patterns and react promptly to subtle changes that would normally evade most casual punters. We recommend bookmakers that quickly refresh the live odds, so you can take advantage of fleeting opportunities as soon as you identify them.

Bet on the Outright Winners of Major Tournaments

At the opposite end of the eSports betting spectrum, there are the bets placed on the outright winners of major tournaments. A lot of research is needed to identify the teams that can go the distance, but that effort is rewarded with top odds. Read our guides to learn how to distinguish between underpriced and overpriced teams, so you are always able to extract maximum value from the odds on offer.

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