Greyhound Betting Tips explained – How to make successful Greyhound Predictions

Greyhound racing is one of the classic UK sports and has a lot of betting activity. People can get lucky with bets, but we’re offering a free greyhound predictor to give you a more reliable way of betting on Greyhounds.

We put a huge amount of research into our free greyhound tips and we only use the most relevant statistics on form to help you get the upper hand when wagering on this famously unpredictable sport. Our tips are simple to understand, completely unbiased, and could help you earn some decent winnings from this much-loved sport.

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Find Your Front Runners With Our Free Greyhound Betting Tips

Greyhound racing has earned a fantastic reputation as a betting sport in the UK. There are around 30 greyhound racing stadiums dotted across the nation, and with over 10,000 different greyhounds taking part, it seems that you’ll need plenty of help in wagering on the sport. So here is a quick rundown of the main things to consider when using our greyhound racing tips free.

Key greyhound tournaments to consider

You’ll never be short of places where you can use our greyhound tips, as the calendar is packed full of great greyhound races that take place from Shawfield to Swindon. But there are always a handful of greyhound racing tournaments that seem to attract the best runners as well as the most competitive betting odds.

The focus of the attention is usually big events like the English Greyhound Derby that has been going since 1927. This event is carried out over one month in spring, and it culminates in a final featuring just six runners. Whilst the English Greyhound Derby recently moved to Towcester in Northamptonshire, it still remains one of the best places to use our greyhound betting tips today.

But it’s also worth checking out our greyhound racing tips for other top races like the All England Cup, the Scottish Greyhound Derby, and the Irish Greyhound derby. But regardless of whether you are wagering at the John Smith’s Grand National at Central Park, or even the Kirby Memorial Stakes in Limerick, then you should always make a note of our greyhound racing tips for a winning result.

Like many other sports, greyhound racing isn’t immune from plenty of surprise results. Take the 2017 Greyhound Derby that saw the Astute Missile runner winning at extremely long odds of 28/1. Something to consider the next time that you bet on greyhounds.

Which greyhound trainers have the best winning record?

Whilst the focus of each greyhound race is undoubtedly on the runners, it’s essential to get a good grounding into the history and record of the greyhound trainers. Certain trainers like the recently retired Charlie Lister managed to cultivate an incredibly impressive track record over the years, and it’s always worth factoring in the trainer into your greyhound racing predictions.

But who can take advantage of Lister’s absence on the greyhound racing scene? Keep an eye on the likes of Mark Wallis who gave us the 2009 and 2012 Derby Winners, and don’t forget that Nick Savva is widely seen as being Britain’s most successful breeder having delivered four winners of the English Greyhound Derby. And with everyone from John Mullins to Seamus Cahill providing plenty more top class runners, you should expect to see no shortage of great greyhound betting entertainment.

What should you expect from a day’s greyhound racing

Whilst you can always watch and wager on greyhound racing on television or the internet, it doesn’t compare to the great race-day atmosphere of some of the best greyhound racetracks. As greyhound racing has been in existence for well over 100 years, it’s little surprise to find that there are plenty of great greyhound racing stadiums dotted around the UK and beyond.

Most greyhound stadiums host racing days that feature around a dozen distinct races that are packed into a session of around four hours. Expect to see greyhound races that take place in the morning, afternoon or evening, but be sure to be quick with your bets as there is usually only a 15 minute interval between each race.

It’s interesting to see how there is traditionally a large Irish influence on the current greyhound racing scene with over 80% of all of the runners coming from Ireland. In fact, whilst there are around 30 different greyhound stadiums in the UK, Ireland also has a very respectable number of about 20 greyhound racetracks.

So where’s a good place to start to get a taste of greyhound betting? The Towcester greyhound track is a great example of modern-day greyhound racing as it hosts the English Greyhound Derby, but be sure to check out other iconic English locations like Belle Vue in Manchester, or Romford or Crayford in London.

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How Our Experts Make Informed Predictions

It’s relatively easy for anybody to come up with fair greyhound predictions. But we want to go a step further to make sure that you are only wagering on free betting tips that have a good grounding in plenty of statistics and informed research. There’s a wealth of statistics out there that cover everything from a trainer’s winning record, a greyhound’s recent performances and even details of the vast array of greyhound racetracks. But it’s knowing what to include and what to filter out that is the toughest task. So here’s a quick look at what things we consider when we formulate our greyhound racing betting tips.

Looking at a runner’s recent form

Just like you would carefully examine how well a racehorse has performed in recent races, there’s a wealth of detailed information about how each greyhound has performed on a professional level. We will carefully analyse all of the relevant past races of each runner in a greyhound racing event, and then put the statistics together to see how recent form could influence the events of the race-day itself.

Using greyhound racing statistics successfully means that you will have to put in plenty of time into evaluating which race results could be relevant for the racing event that you wish to wager on. But we’ve taken the time to draw together a vast range of statistical resources from authoritative sources, so that you can focus your attention on considering your betting stakes and enjoying the greyhound racing action.

Examining how a greyhound stadium could favour certain runners

It’s always interesting to see how certain racetracks seem to find favour with particular greyhounds and their trainers. After all, Nick Savva’s Westmead Hawk managed to win the English Greyhound Derby on successive years in 2005 and 2006 at the Wimbledon racetrack.

Obviously in a sport as unpredictable as greyhound racing, past form at specific greyhound racetracks can only go so far. But as sports betting is always about finding the slight edge in anything from statistics to betting odds, the slightest bit of useful information can prove to be invaluable in delivering the best greyhound betting tips around.

Other important factors that go into our greyhound racing tips

Whilst the core objectives of greyhound racing are incredibly simple, there’s a huge amount of variables that go into the outcome of each race. Many punters might not realise what a big influence weather can play on a greyhound race, but certain runners and stadiums can be affected by rainy conditions. Take the Towcester track that has a famous sandy surface that can quickly become much slower when it rains, and all of our betting tips will factor in how the different runners are able to cope with such adverse weather conditions.

It’s also interesting to see how certain greyhound racetracks seem to produce winners that are dependent on which trap they started the race. Taking a look at the famous Towcester track, it’s fascinating to see how the fifth trap seems to produce marginally more winners than the other traps, and so you can be sure that we will tailor our betting tips according to trap selection.

The main thing to remember is that we want to be completely transparent in how we come up with our betting tips. This means that you can see how we’ve used everything from fastest times to each runner’s rating at particular racetrack to make sure that you get a reasonably safe greyhound bet.

Increase Your Track Day Chances With These Simple Tips

Part of the joy of greyhound racing is the fact that it’s a sport that’s simple to understand yet incredibly difficult to predict. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with taking a quick flutter on the greyhounds based on little more than gut instinct, by paying attention to the following simple steps, then we think that you should be able to last the distance and even make some potential profits out of your greyhound bets.

Set yourself a reasonable betting budget

We don’t want to sound like killjoys, but the best way to make sure that you can bet on greyhounds over the long-term is to keep your betting stakes small to begin with, and then gradually build up your bets as you gain more experience. Whilst just about anybody can get lucky with a big winning greyhound bet, it’s also true that lightning rarely strikes twice.

This is why it is best to anticipate those losing bets by setting yourself a modest betting budget. This way you will be able to enjoy a full day’s greyhound betting without blowing your funds on the very first race. So be sure to only wager with money that you don’t mind losing, and treat greyhound betting as a form of entertainment, rather than being purely a way to make some more cash.

Give yourself time to examine each runner’s form

As each greyhound race-day contains around a dozen distinct racing events, it means that you will be rushed for time in putting down your bets. This is why it’s always a good idea to plan ahead before you try some greyhound betting so that you can adequately research each runner’s past form. There’s a wealth of statistics about all top greyhounds on the internet, and it’s relatively simple to check back to see how each runner has been performing throughout the current season.

Whilst it’s easy just to follow the herd and make bets based on the bookie’s odds, you should always be aware of how everything from weather conditions to trap selection could adversely affect the outcome of each race. So be sure to factor in every eventuality and then check back into to see how your own greyhound prediction matches up with our greyhound predictor free.

Find the best greyhound betting odds on the market

It may sound obvious but you will make more money if you land a winning bet on the most generous odds on the market. This is why it can pay to spend a little extra time shopping around to see who is offering the best greyhound odds. Don’t forget that there’s no harm in signing up to several different betting sites to take advantage of their welcome bonus offers either.

The English Greyhound Derby is the world’s most lucrative greyhound race. In 2018 the race featured prize money of £175,000 for the winner, Dorotas Wildcat, that was trained by Kevin Hutton. Hutton had previously had wins in the Golden Sprint and Golden Crest races that year.

Understand the form curve of the runners

Just because Dorotas Wildcat won the English Greyhound Derby recently doesn’t mean that you should always bet on this greyhound. This is because greyhounds are well-known for being unpredictable and they are equally prone to good days and bad days. Be sure to check the recent form for the greyhound that you are tempted to bet on so that you can identify when they look like they could win the race.

Which trap will your chosen runner start the race from?

It’s fascinating to see how certain traps at some greyhound stadiums seem to provide more winners than others. This again highlights the fact that you should always thoroughly research all of the relevant statistics before you lay down your greyhound bet. Obviously there’s more to predicting the winner of a race than the trap they set out from, but even the smallest detail can have big consequences for your betting success.

Make a note of the greyhound trainers

As there are thousands of different greyhounds, it can be tricky to keep up with the ever-changing field. But if you take the time to research which trainer is behind each runner, then you stand to get a much better clue as to what could happen when the race begins. If you see names like Mark Wallis, John Mullins or Seamus Cahill featured, then you could easily be onto a winner.

Check the past winners at the greyhound racetrack

Similarly, it’s always interesting to look back over the winners of each greyhound racing tournament. Whilst there’s inevitably an air of unpredictability about each race, some runners have a proven track record at some stadiums that shouldn’t be ignored. So be sure to check out how all of the runners have performed at your chosen greyhound race for the best way to predict how things will eventually pan out.

Your Greyhound Bet Checklist for Maximum Fun

We’ve hopefully highlighted some of the key things to consider before you set out for a day’s greyhound betting. But just to remind you, here are the simple steps that you should always take before you bet on the greyhounds.

Plan your greyhound betting budget

First of all you will need to think about how much you are willing to wager on your greyhound betting session. The best way to do this, is to think of betting as just another form of entertainment, rather than being as a way of making money. That way you can be sure that you don’t mind the occasional loss, and will be happily surprised if you walk away with some lucky winnings. Once you’ve set yourself a safe betting budget, then think about how you can spread your betting stakes across a full day’s greyhound racing. Many casual punters go in hard too early and leave themselves little for later in the day. So be sure to start with smaller betting stakes and then build up your bets when the going’s good.

Formulate your greyhound predictions from a variety of sources

Using your gut instinct for your greyhound bets is only going to get you so far. So it’s always best to take the time to read up on all of the runners in your chosen greyhound race so that you get a good idea of who the favourites might be. Be sure to take a note of the greyhound racing tips free. These are included at as they will all be unbiased and will only be based on cold, hard statistical fact. There’s also plenty to be said for reading all of the relevant press that has covered the recent races of the runners so that you get a good understanding of their past form. Don’t forget to pay attention to any behind-the-scenes rumours and gossip about the trainers so that you can get the scoop on when there might be any promising runners that the bookies haven’t spotted just yet.

Be sure to compare greyhound odds from many different bookies

As greyhound racing is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the UK, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem in finding a bookie who can give you some very competitive odds for your greyhound bets. But there still remains the question of how can you be sure that you are betting with the very best greyhound odds possible? Thankfully, if you come to then you will quickly be able to see the bookmakers who are offering the best price on the market for your greyhound bet which means that you can afford to spend a little extra time in researching the runners. Just don’t forget to factor in those potentially lucrative sports betting bonuses that bookies deliver for you to get a little extra from your greyhound racing bets.

In the Know - Your Guide to Greyhound Betting Terminology

The core concept of greyhound racing is incredibly simple, and even a complete newcomer should be able to enjoy placing a simple race-winner bet. But if you want to take things up a level, use our greyhound predictor free and be sure to read some of the following common greyhound betting terms that frequently crop up on bookies’ websites.

  • Racing lines: Looking through greyhound statistics frequently highlights the runner’s racing lines. These refer to how the greyhound handled the racetrack and there’s much to be learned from understanding each runner’s racing line.
  • Each way bets: This means that you have to place two bets on the same runner. If you place an each-way bet on a greyhound, half of your stake will be based on them winning the race, and the second part goes on whether they get a placed finish. If there are six runners, the first two places will be considered a placed finish, and if you get a placed finish result, the payout will be less than that of a winning result.
  • Ante-post betting: This is another risky betting strategy as you are required to bet far in advance of the race itself. Whilst you can get some great odds by doing this, you aren’t guaranteed that your chosen runner will even feature in the race.
  • Multiple bets: This requires you to try and predict the winner of multiple races in a particular day. As long as you are betting on more then one winner, it is a multiple bet. Whilst multiple bets are by their nature very difficult to win, the high odds means that if you get them right, you could stand to win some significant sums of money.

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