TV betting – Enjoy betting on TV shows

Whilst many people enjoy wagering on sports like football and horse racing, there are plenty more who like to relax by betting on TV shows. Whether it’s betting on the next winner of Love Island or even which Game of Thrones character will seize the Iron Throne, it’s clear that there’s plenty of fun to be had in trying some TV betting. Our guide to TV betting will show you what kinds of odds you can get from the best bookmakers around, and we will outline a few simple steps to making sure that you give yourself the best chance of making some decent profits when betting on TV shows.

  1. Find a decent TV betting bookmaker
  2. Pick the most competitive TV betting odds
  3. Place your bets and then watch the action

Why has TV betting become so widespread?

There’s nothing wrong with watching television shows just for a little entertainment and escapism. But if you are looking to add an extra touch of adrenaline to your viewing pleasure, then a TV bet can certainly take things up a level. This is something that many bookmakers have realised as certain betting sites now include a good range of television betting odds amidst their traditional sports bets.

It might seem strange to bet on TV shows, but bookmakers love to come up with all manner of weird and wonderful odds for everything from politics to the winner of video gaming tournaments. As a result, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to find that bookies will give you the chance to try and predict what will happen next in your favourite television show.

TV betting has really taken off since the dawn of reality TV shows with series like X Factor, Big Brother and Love Island proving to be just as gripping and unpredictable as some of the biggest traditional sporting events. But it’s also been interesting to see how many top fictional TV shows like Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and even Eastenders have also taken the interest of the bookies. Above all, it’s about making those television shows just a little more interesting by giving yourself the chance to make some betting profits.

Enjoy some award show and movie betting too

It’s not just TV shows that you can wager on, as many bookmakers now allow you to make bets on certain movies. From trying to guess who the next James Bond will be, to putting money on the film to win the Best Picture Oscar, there’s plenty of fun to be had in betting on the movies. Just don’t forget that you can also find odds for many awards shows too with potential profits to be made in betting on everything from the National TV Awards to BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Landing a winning TV show bet

  1. Pick your specialist TV show
  2. Research all of the possible outcomes
  3. Search for the best value odds

The best bookmakers for betting on television shows

Most decent bookmakers will give you plenty of odds for top TV shows like Love Island, The Voice and X Factor. Even if you go to a classic sports bookie like William Hill, you will see how they will give you bets for everything from Dancing on Ice to Game of Thrones. Similarly, we have found that brands like Ladbrokes, Betfair and Paddy Power have also earned a decent reputation from their TV betting options. And whether you are visiting Betway to wager on the next Doctor Who, or are using Coral’s odds to wager on the next I’m A Celebrity winner, just remember to gamble responsibly.

What are the most popular TV shows to bet on?

If you go to many bookmaker’s websites then you should see that they have all manner of odds for top films and TV shows. From bets on the next character to get murdered in Eastenders to wagers on the next outright winner of Dancing on Ice or The Voice, there’s plenty of choice out there. But it’s usually the biggest television shows that get the broadest coverage from the best bookmakers. Here is just a quick selection of some top television shows that you can enjoy a quick flutter on.

Try some Love Island betting

Ever since Love Island was relaunched in 2015, the TV show has become one of the surprise hits of the reality television world. Millions of people have tuned in to watch and vote for the likes of Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer to win this lovestruck ITV competition, and many bookmakers were quick to offer odds on who would make it through to the final. What’s interesting is that you can not only just wager on who would win the Love Island final, but you can also make bets on which contestants would be next to get evicted and much more.

Enjoy betting on Strictly Come Dancing

The BBC show, Strictly Come Dancing is now a fixture on our TV screens and it always delivers plenty of entertainment. With around ten million viewers watching each episode, it’s no real surprise to find that many bookmakers have jumped on the Strictly Come Dancing bandwagon. As a result, you should be able to find competitive odds for anything from the outright winner of the series, to the name of the next contestant to get the boot. Be sure to check for alternative betting markets that include options for wagering on things like the top male, top female and even the gender of the winner.

Bet on Game of Thrones

Of course, it’s not just reality TV shows that can get the bookies excited. Even fantasy series like the hugely successful Game of Thrones have also caught the attention of many bookmakers. As a result there are many bookies who will allow you to wager on who will rule the Seven Kingdoms on the very last episode of Game of Thrones. Whether you are betting on a favourite like Bran Stark or a rank outsider like Theon Greyjoy, it can all make the on-screen action all the more fascinating – particularly as the ending of Game of Thrones hasn’t even been written yet.

Key things to consider when betting on television shows

Just because you are betting on something as fun as Love Island or as fictional as Game of Thrones doesn’t mean that you should take TV betting lightly. After all, you will be wagering with real money, and nobody wants to lose too much cash on their television bets. So regardless of whether you are betting on the next character to die in the Bodyguard television series, or prefer to wager on the winning manager in X Factor, then be sure to follow some of the top television betting tips.

Bet on the TV shows you know best

You are only going to get a good chance of winning your television bet if you know the TV series inside-out. Whilst many of us can casually watch a show like Love Island, it’s only those people who are paying attention to the body language and research the show who are going to get a good idea of what could really happen. Similarly, in a world as complex as Westeros, only those true Game of Thrones fans are going to be able to spot when any Game of Thrones betting odds could be undervalued. So be sure to stick to betting on the TV shows that you know best for the greatest chance of making some decent profits from your television bets.

Making sure that you are betting on the best TV odds

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the emotion of your television betting and make bets on the first TV odds that you see. But it always pays to shop around different bookmakers to make sure that you are getting the best value for your TV bets. Even if a bookie is only offering marginally better odds than their competitors, it can all add up to giving you some significantly better profits if luck comes your way. If you need any help in identifying which bookmakers offer a safe and helpful betting service, then be sure to check back into where you will find a handy shortlist of some great bookmakers who always provide competitive odds and a secure TV betting experience.

Pay attention to betting limits

All bookmakers will implement betting limits as a way of ensuring that they can stay in business if a customer managed to win a particularly large sum. It’s always worth checking the betting limits at bookie’s websites before you put down a TV bet, as it’s often the case that there is a much lower limit for television betting when compared to traditional sports. And as always, it’s only by gambling responsibly that you are going to be able to enjoy betting on television shows over the long-term.