When it comes to online betting, the best advice is that you should never stake more than you are willing to lose. This is because, even with all the confidence and insider knowledge available, you just can never be sure whether you are backing a winner or not.

However, every now and again a punter may lose funds that they honestly feel as though they are entitled to get back. While these complaints are sometimes legitimate – such as funds being spent fraudulently – there are many requests that simply will not be accepted by a gambling site, and therefore will not entitle you to a refund. Not only does making illegitimate refund requests – such as for bets you made but now regret – waste your time and the time of the customer service team, but it could also result in you being blacklisted from betting sites.

If you want to request a return of funds, you will need to make sure that you have a good reason and that you go about it in the right way.

  • Always keep an eye on your bank for any unauthorised payments
  • Don’t ask for a refund on bets you made and regret
  • Consider setting spending limits on your account

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When determining how to get money back from gambling sites in UK, first and foremost, you will need a legitimate reason for requesting a return of your funds. One such reason may be that you have added funds to your player account by accident, and you haven’t wagered with them nor do you want to actually stake them. In this instance, you may not even need to contact the bookmaker’s customer support team at all. Most bookmaker websites have an option to withdraw your funds, although you may have to wait for the transaction to be processed, which can take up to a few days depending on the operator and payment method.

Another reason why you may be entitled to your money back is if the funds have been fraudulently taken from your account and wagered without your consent. If this is the case, then you will need to act immediately by contacting your bank and informing them of the unauthorised transaction. They should then put a temporary freeze on your bank account or credit card to ensure that no further funds are taken. You will also be able to request chargebacks for any unauthorised payments that were made.

Once you have done this, you should contact the online bookmaker as well. Request that they also put a freeze on your player account to ensure that no more wagers can be placed until your bank account is secured. To help you be proactive about reducing your vulnerability to fraud, make sure you always use strong and unique passwords with all of your online accounts, and take advantage of banking alerts to instantly be notified should any suspicious activity occur.

If you have been allowed to place stakes that exceed the spending limits you have set on your online gambling account, or you have been allowed to place any stakes while under self-exclusion, then you may also be entitled to your money back. This is because you have informed the operator that they should restrict your activity, and they have failed to do so.

If this is the case, then firstly check that your self-exclusion or spending limit settings were confirmed by the operator. There is a chance that you may not have submitted these correctly and therefore, are not entitled to a refund. Also double check that the restriction settings have not expired, as they do have set time frames. Additionally, if you staked funds through a new player account with different details, then the bookmaker may not be responsible for reapplying the restrictions set on your other account.

If you feel that the restrictions were ignored through no fault of your own though, then one way how to get money back from gambling sites in the UK is to simply send them all the details of your complaint in writing, via email or through live chat with customer support. Aim to include as much detail as possible, as this will help them to come to the right decision as quickly as possible.


If you have staked a bet, lost your money and then regretted the wager, you will not be entitled to your money back. Betting companies are not responsible for refunding bets that didn’t go in favour of the punter. After all, that is the nature of betting: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Not only will requesting regretted wagers back waste your time and the time of the customer support staff, but it could also have more serious consequences. This unethical action may result in you being blacklisted from certain betting sites and leave you unable to continue betting in the future.

You may feel that you have an honest reason for requesting your funds back if someone you know has accessed your account and staked funds without your permission, such as a friend, family member or partner. Sadly, if you have given your login details to someone who has made unauthorised wagers on your account, you may be out of luck. This could be deemed as you giving permission for that person to use your account, and therefore, sharing account details is strongly advised against by bookmakers. It is at the operator’s discretion how to handle such a complaint, so be sure to check the terms and conditions of the betting site before you sign up.

It sounds obvious, bot only deposit and gamble with an amount you’re comfortable with. It might help to read up on betting strategies, such as no risk matched betting and get cover spread explained.


If you want to avoid asking yourself how to get money back from gambling sites in UK in the future, then prevention is better than cure. Make sure you take steps to keep your online gambling account – and therefore your money that has been deposited in it – as secure as possible.

  • Only ever register with reputable betting sites
  • Choose a strong and unique password
  • Consider using e-wallets such as PayPal

You can start by choosing to register only at reputable gambling sites, as most major operators take serious steps to protect their customers and have the means to offer high quality support should anything go wrong. You should also choose sites that are regulated and licensed within Europe. While offshore gambling may seem tempting, it should be avoided. That is because those operators may not be as accountable as European-based ones, who are required to answer to EU and UK law. If you are unsure, check the details of the operator on their website to see which, if any, commission they are regulated by.

Once you have chosen where you want to bet online, ensure that your account has a strong password. Even though most gambling sites will use encryption technology to try and keep you safe, this is not always enough. Therefore, choose a strong password. Ideally, this will be a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as number and special characters.

You should also avoid using anything that someone could reasonably guess from your social network profiles, e.g. a pet’s name, and it should be unique to the site. This means that if your login details are compromised on another site, you can rest assured that your betting account will remain secure. It is also recommended that you regularly change your password and never share your login details with anyone else.

Another good safety tip is to use an e-wallet, such as PayPal, instead of a credit or debit card to fund your betting. By doing so, you can avoid inputting your bank details into the site altogether. PayPal also offers another step of security by encrypting all transactions and requiring you to always verify your account by logging in before you can deposit funds.


If you find yourself asking how to get money back from gambling sites in UK on a regular basis, then the answer may lie in cutting back your spending. Most reputable online operators will give you the option to set up spending limits on your account. Choose an amount that you can afford to lose and set your account so it allows you to spend only this amount in a certain timeframe. It is important that you gamble responsibly and by doing this, you can ensure that your betting doesn’t end up becoming an issue.

Alternatively, if you wish to restrict yourself from gambling altogether, then you can set up self-exclusion with certain online sites, as well as brick and mortar betting establishments. These will block you from accessing the betting shop or site altogether. If you are concerned about problem gambling, then there are a number of charities, such as GamCare and GambleAware, which can offer you support.

And there you have it. Looking for more betting guides? We’ll help to teach you how to win a bet on football and get rollover explained to you in simple, easy terms.

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