Everyone knows that wrestling is predetermined, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bet on it. While it may look like an ordinary sport, it’s actually sports entertainment, which means that it’s scripted. It’s just like a television drama or novel, even if the way it’s presented and implemented is very different. Of course, most people are well aware of this, but it’s important to remember because when we’re talking about betting on wrestling, it’s vital to appreciate this phenomenon for the unique entity that it is.

Here are just a few key takeaways to help you understand how to bet on wrestling and how to bet on sports in general, whether you’re a seasoned fan or a complete newbie.

  • Look at wrestling differently from other sports or even scripted betting options.
  • The fact that it’s different doesn’t change the reality of winning or losing money.
  • If you’re unsure about betting on wrestling, start with small bets.


First off, yes, wrestling is different from other sports betting at its core. With a normal sport, you’re predicting the outcome of a real athletic contest. Therefore, many sport bets come down to who is the best.

When it comes to betting on wrestling though, what you’re predicting is how the writers will create a narrative. Viewing it this way, it’s clear that wrestling is worlds apart from other sports bets. As opposed to say, whether a person will be able to score a goal, it’s about whether a person in a writing room will decide that is the best course for a character.


Wrestling, as we’ve mentioned, is far from the only kind of bet you can make on scripted products. Often we see big televised event – such as the uncovering of a major plot point in a soap opera – as something that people can stake money on. However, when it comes to wrestling, it’s important to realise that not all forms of scripted entertainment have the same tropes, goals and narrative structures.

The only real way to understand how to bet on wrestling is through watching the product and familiarising yourself with the way things work. For example, someone who has watched WWE for a long time can tell you that the biggest feuds tend to blow off at WrestleMania. Therefore, when predicting a title change a month earlier, that is something that should influence your prediction. It’s not just enough to think like a writer, but to think like a wrestling writer specifically. The same goes for our other betting tips, such as our how to bet on American football and how to bet on baseball guides.


It’s not just the unique way wrestling is structured and scripted that makes it so different: it’s also how outside factors can play into making your predictions. Often, things are kept secret from fans and although rumours can often prove to be true, they should always be taken with a pinch of salt.

However, you can learn a lot about what’s likely to happen from following things away from the ring. For example, you may discover that a certain wrestler is planning on taking time off for an injury. This information can help you make wiser wagers. In that scenario, you could reasonably assume that the wrestler with scheduled injury time is far less likely to win their next title match, because they wouldn’t be able to keep up with the schedule of a travelling champion. It’s not impossible, but it does affect the likelihood.
Do check the authenticity of these claims before believing them though, as rumours are always rife in the wrestling world.

  • Remember that events which take place outside the televised product can affect the creative decisions within it, such as injuries and talent moving to a different company.
  • Be sure to take all rumours with a heavy pinch of salt and be cynical of claims without much to back them up.
  • Consider how a situation would logically affect booking going forward. Remember that your prediction does not exist in a narrative vacuum.


One of the really great things about betting in general is just how much variety there is. Wrestling might not have quite the amount of betting options as some better-known sports. For example, in football, you can bet on the number of corners taken and all kinds of obscure little oddities. And although we’d love to, we’re yet to see a wrestling equivalent – something along the lines of the number of two counts or the number of times a referee is knocked unconscious during a show.

However, wrestling does have a few fun examples of special bets that are completely unique. With that in mind, here’s some WWE betting options that you won’t find outside of the world of wrestling.


When it comes to how to bet on wrestling, this is one of the most popular wagers. There are currently two world champions in the WWE and there likely will be for some time. As opposed to picking the winner of a match, this bet really puts your ability to predict things long term to the test.
It doesn’t have to be someone who has a title match scheduled at the time of your bet. In fact, the further away from the title change, the less predictable it is likely to be and thus, the better odds you’ll get. This is a great wager for those who don’t just want to bet on an specific event but predict the future of the WWE in general.
Just remember that for WWE betting, UK fans will have to stay up pretty late if they want to see the live results, due to the PPVs commonly being held in America.


There’s little doubt that one of the hottest dates on the wrestling calendar is WWE’s Royal Rumble. It’s one of WWE’s big four PPVs and its 30-man over the top headline match from which it takes its name is a huge part of that. It’s also one of the best matches to bet on for both newcomers and those with more experience.

That’s because the amount of participants in the match means you can place multiple bets or go all in on an individual superstar. The event also rewards knowledge of the product, due to the Royal Rumble winner earning themselves a headline spot in their biggest show, WrestleMania.

How the Royal Rumble Can Affect Other WWE Betting Options

The Royal Rumble and the road to WrestleMania is the key to many storyline arcs within the WWE. It’s the culmination to their biggest show of the year, and that’s always worth remembering when trying to predict where the story is going. For example, not only do you have to consider who will win the Royal Rumble, but also who will be their opponent.

Therefore, picking the most headline-grabbing potential WrestleMania main event from both the title match and the Royal Rumble match combined can be a smart way of predicting storylines. There’s time between the Rumble and WrestleMania – so a lot can change between the two PPVs – but that’s an example of the principle at hand.


If you’re not familiar with this concept, we’ll quickly clue you in. The Money in the Bank briefcase is a title shot that the holder can ‘cash in’ at any time, including events where it has not been previously announced and even during and immediately after matches. This not only makes it an exciting storytelling device but also a fun one to predict, as it’s an ongoing question to be answered.
It can even affect your other predictions, as it’s something to take into consideration when betting on title matches. There’s always the chance a Money in the Bank cash in could complicate matters and neither original participant could walk away with the gold. Want more betting tips? Head over to our how to bet on basketball and how to bet on darts guides!

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