Many successful sports betting punters use accumulators. Accumulators are a fun way of combining several bets onto one coupon, with the odds from each bet being multiplied together. Particularly popular with football bettors, many bookmakers offer special offers for accumulator bets.

Here, you can see the four fold bet explained, and we will also provide some tips on how you can make this type of betting work for you. By the end of the article, you should have a good idea about how does a four fold bet work, and should feel confident enough to be able to place one at an online bookie.

  • Four fold bets are accumulators with four bets.
  • Odds from each bet are multiplied together.
  • You can make big profits.


An accumulator is a type of multiple bet, where you combine several bets on one coupon. The odds from each bet are multiplied together. If the first bet on the coupon wins, then the winnings from the bet are used as a stake for the next bet on the coupon. This process continues until one of the selections loses. If one selection on the coupon loses, then the whole bet loses. You cannot claim the winnings from the winning bets on the coupon if other selections lose.

A four fold accumulator is an accumulator with four selections on it. You can create an accumulator easily on betting websites, simply by selecting more than one market to add to your bet slip. The odds are calculated automatically for you. If you try to add a type of bet to the coupon that is invalid for a four fold accumulator, you will be automatically prevented from doing so. The four selections usually take the form of simple bets, like backing a football team to win a match, or tennis players to progress to the next round of a tournament.


Accumulators are a useful form of betting, especially if you have expert knowledge of a sport. While accumulators are a particularly popular form of betting on football, you can also bet on sports like tennis, cricket and ice hockey using this form of wagering. If you have the kind of expert knowledge of a sport that allows you to accurately predict results, then accumulators are a type of betting that you should be using.

Multiple bets also allow you to take advantage of smaller odds. It is a great way to bet on favourites, particularly in two-team contests like football matches. While a single bet on, for example, Barcelona to win at home against Girona will not have an especially tempting price on it, several bets on favourites on the same betting slip can bring in significant rewards. You can combine that Barcelona bet with another one on Chelsea, one on Bayern Munich and one on Celtic. All four of those teams are usually strong favourites when playing in their domestic competitions.

If you used a four fold accumulator to bet on all four of those teams winning, then the odds from each bet would be multiplied together. This means that you can turn a good profit from bets that might not look that tempting as singles. That makes betting on favourites much more potentially profitable than it is betting on them using single bets. Astute bettors who plan carefully really can make accumulators work well for them.


  • Plan all bets carefully.
  • Consider betting on favourites.
  • Don’t get greedy.


A vital aspect of betting success is planning and preparation. Relying on blind luck and instinct may bring you a few wins, but it is not a recipe for consistent and continued success. Instead, you should look to spend some time planning and preparing your bets. This does not mean slaving away in front of a computer screen, combing statistical databases and analysing information for patterns. Instead, it means staying up-to-date with as much of the news from your chosen sport as possible.

It is a good idea to focus on two or three sports, rather than trying to become an expert on everything. Within those chosen sports, it is also a good idea to focus on a small number of leagues and competitions. You can often find really good value for odds in some of the world’s more obscure football leagues, for example. If you can become an expert on one of the world’s lesser known football competitions, you will boost your chances of finding good bets.


You should stay abreast of all the latest news in your favoured sports. This will give you the kind of knowledge that you need to predict outcomes and place successful bets. Knowing as much as possible about player injuries, coach discontent, dressing room arguments or any other issues that go on behind the scenes will give you the kind of insight you need to place more successful four fold bets.
Now that you have seen the four fold bet explained, you need to remember that betting successfully with accumulators follows the same guidelines as betting in any form. Chasing losses and getting greedy will always work to your disadvantage.


An important thing to remember when using four fold accumulators, or any other kind of betting using multiples, is that greed is always your enemy. Bettors get greedy in a number of ways, but placing stakes that are too large on bets where the odds are too long is common. Often when you have won a string of bets you can start to feel invincible. This can lead to overconfidence, and can see you start to place ever bigger bets at ever longer odds.
What you need to remember is that long odds exist for a reason, and that reason is not to give punters massive wins. Instead, long odds are a sign that an event is unlikely to occur. The bookie can afford to offer long odds because it is unlikely that they will be paying out. You are not guaranteed to win a bet just because you have placed it.


This pattern of betting can lead you into something called ‘chasing your losses’. This is where you get stuck in a cycle of losing a bet, then placing a bigger and riskier bet straight afterwards in an attempt to recover what you have lost. If you lose again, you repeat the process.

Obviously, this can soon lead to a situation where you are losing more money than you can afford to lose. When betting with four fold bets and other accumulators, you need to plan bets carefully so that you do not get dragged into a loss chasing cycle. Always plan your bets carefully, and walk away if you are stuck in a losing cycle. Betting should be fun, not stressful and frustrating. Always stop for a break if betting is making you angry.


Now that you have seen the four fold bet explained, you should have a good idea about how you can incorporate this type of wagering into your own betting strategies. If you plan and prepare properly, and use your sporting knowledge to place carefully chosen bets, then four fold accumulators can be a solid source of betting success for you. Always remember that small odds bets can become really profitable when combined together in an accumulator.

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