Welcome to our guide on corner betting. Most punters like to place a bet on the overall match result or even the first goalscorer in a football match, but corner betting has become increasingly popular recently. Whilst wagering on set-pieces like corners might not have the same amount of excitement as the scoring of a goal. we want to show you why a decent corner betting strategy could be a useful tool in your sports betting arsenal. Our corner betting guide will also equip you with plenty of corner betting tips and explain why things like multi-corner betting could help you win big.

  • Check the previous corner statistics
  • Find the best corner betting odds
  • Put down your betting stake and watch the action


Whilst the amount of corners won won’t affect the overall match result, betting on corners can be a great way to make some money off a football bet without your preferred team actually winning the game. How many times have you seen your favourite team dominating the opposition, gain lots of corners, and yet fail to get that clinching goal to win the match? By betting on corners, you will be able to wager on how a team controls the game, even if they fail to find the back of the net.

We all know how a growing number of goals are now scored from set-pieces like corners and free kicks, and this trend has been picked up by many bookmakers who now put on odds for corners alongside their basic match winner bets. But while most bookies are fairly certain about the odds they provide for a home win or an away win, when it comes to corners, it seems that things are much harder to predict.

You can take advantage of this variance of corner betting odds by doing your research and seeing which football teams have tended to get plenty of corners in a game. Not only does this mean that you get the chance to make some profits from the attacking efforts of your favourite team, but betting on corners can also significantly liven up even the dullest of goalless draws.


Over the past few years, taking corners has become something of a specialist skill. As a result we have seen many footballers becoming increasingly noted for their corner taking prowess. Whether it’s sending in a highly accurate cross, or even just tempting the keeper to come out of his safety zone, it’s a skill that’s evermore in demand in the modern game.

There is little doubt that the Brazilian star, Neymar, is perhaps the best corner taker around today, and his efforts for Brazil and Paris Saint Germain have shown just how specialised corner taking has become. But keep an eye out for how Premier League stars like Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen and Everton’s Gylfi Sigurdsson have become renowned for their corner taking excellence. In European football, we have seen the likes of Juventus’ Miralem Pjanic turning corner taking into an art form, and whilst Real Madrid have had a tough time recently, they can always rely on their German star, Toni Kroos, to deliver some stunning corners.


There are many factors to take into account when you are betting on corners. From a team’s recent form, their past statistics for corners, to how tough their opponents are, there’s plenty to take in. So before you lay down a bet on corners, take a look at some of these simple corner betting tips for the best way to win on this intriguing betting market.

  • Research how many corners a team wins per match.
  • Factor in the defensive skill of their opponents.
  • Find the best corner betting odds from top bookies.


Gone are the days where you used to just be able to bet on the final result of a football match, as there are now a huge range of betting markets available for corner betting. From simple bets on the total number of corners won in a game, to some interesting and trickier options like multi-corner betting, there’s plenty of fun to be had. So here’s a quick look at some of the most common corner betting markets that you might be able to find at your favourite bookmaker’s site.


This is the most common kind of corner bet, and it’s very simple to put into action. A bookmaker will usually set a number for the amount of corners to be won in a match – usually between eight and twelve – and then it’s just your job to try and predict whether there will be fewer or more corners than this number. You should be able to make bets on whether both teams will win a total amount of corners higher or lower than the bookie’s figure, or you could also wager on whether each individual team will win more or less corners than the bookmaker’s number. Don’t forget that you can also tie this into a basic match winner bet if you really fancy your luck.


So what do you do when you want to bet on a top team like Manchester City to get more corners than a lowly-ranked side like Fulham? This is when you could try some handicapped corner bets. By doing this, Manchester City would have to get anywhere between one and five extra corners in order for you to win your bet. This makes it trickier to win, but by taking advantage of the tougher odds, you could stand to make some much bigger winnings.


Want to take things up a level? Then you should definitely try wagering on a timed corner bet. This allows you to try and predict which half of the match the first corner will be won in. Some bookmakers will also split the game up into 15 minute segments so that you can try and guess in which of these your preferred team will win their first corner. And if you think that it’s going to be a really dull match, then you might also be able to make a bet on there being no corners at all.


If you are feeling especially lucky, then you could always try betting on whether there will be an odd or even number of corners won throughout the course of football match. It doesn’t take too much skill to place this bet and you won’t need any of our corner betting tips. But it can be a handy in-play bet to make during the closing stages of a football match as the drama escalates.


We’ve also seen multi-corner betting becoming increasingly popular recently, and while it’s very tricky to get right, it can be a profitable bet. This kind of corner bet requires you to bet on the total number of corners in the first half of the match multiplied by the number of corners in the second half.


X-corner bets are similar to multi-corner bets, and just as difficult to get right. In order to make an x-corner bet, you will have to try and predict the total number of corners won by the home team multiplied by the number of corners won by the away team.


While predicting the match winner or even the first goalscorer is relatively simple, when it comes to betting on corners, things aren’t quite so easy. So here are a few more corner betting tips for you to check out.


Be sure to search online to see how many corners each team has averaged in each of their last few matches. Whilst it’s little surprise to see that Manchester City won the most corners in the 2017/18 season, even Southampton managed to get above Arsenal and Manchester United in the most amount of corners won. Definitely something to factor into your corner bets.


Although corners can be won at any point in a game, it’s always towards the closing stages of a football match that things tend to heat up. This is why it can be good to save your corner bets until the second half as the teams might be much more likely to push forward to either consolidate their win, or try anything in order to fight back from a losing result. Just remember to keep your gambling responsible, bet with modest stakes, and enjoy the fun of betting on corners.

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